Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, SEAT & Volkswagen Commercials

Dan Hannon at VAG Doctor LTD – Volkswagen Group Specialists is an expert in diagnostics, maintenance and repair of any Volkswagen Group vehicle – including all Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, SEAT and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

Whether Diagnosing, Maintaining or Repairing your Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, SEAT or Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Dan insists on using only genuine parts which guarantee a top quality repair with a top quality product while gaining a 2 Year Warranty as standard on all parts fitted by VAG Doctor LTD, thus leaving your manufacturer’s warranty unaffected.


Who is the VAG Doctor?

Dan started his career by way of a Volkswagen Advanced Apprenticeship programme in which he excelled, taking a leading role in the Volkswagen Group Apprentice Rally Team. Dan Quickly progressed out of his apprenticeship and took a keen interest in fault finding, climbing his way up the technical ladder achieving Service Technician Status before progressing up to Qualified Technician status and finally taking the position as Senior Diagnostic Technician.

Dan has gained years of extensive knowledge and experience along the way while working within the VAG Manufacture Group, focusing mainly on intermittent electrical and mechanical issues with invaluable comprehension of all VAG Vehicle networks and systems.

Dan has built a great reputation for going above and beyond to delight his customers and make sure their vehicles get back on the road as quickly as possible

So what ever your vehicle may need always remember Dan’s your man…“


What can I expect from the VAG Doctor?

You can expect top notch service, diagnostics, repair and maintenance at manufacturer’s main dealer standards with sensible prices.

What’s in the name?

The Volkswagen brand owns Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, SEAT and Volkswagen Commercials – also known as VWAG which stands for Volkswagen AktienGesellschaft  – Volkswagen PLC or Volkswagen Incorporated, known within the motor trade as a VAG Group Vehicle – hence the VAG Doctor!


Where is the VAG Doctor?

VAG Doctor LTD is located in Brampton’s Townfoot Industrial Estate with state of the art, top of the range equipment in line with main dealer requirements to ensure your vehicle receives the best possible treatment.


Vehicle Diagnostics

VAG Doctor LTD offers dealer standard diagnostics on all Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, SEAT and , Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

We use the latest diagnostic equipment and software to ensure our diagnosis is fast, accurate and will get your vehicle back on the road ASAP. We want you to be able to make an informed decision on your vehicle’s repair so we will explain the full diagnostics report to you in language you can understand while keeping you informed every step of the way.


  • Fault Diagnostics of any intermittent or static electrical or mechanical fault your vehicle may have including Engine Management, ABS/Traction Control, Convenience or Alarm systems
  • Coding and adaption of control units
  • Service Reminder Reset – Flexible/Fixed Service Interval Reset
  • Retro Fitting – Cruise Control, Navigation Systems, Phone & Tow Bar Electrics

Remember, we use only genuine parts to ensure your vehicle’s manufacturer warranty is maintained, with a 2 year warranty on your new parts as standard.


Service, Repairs and Maintenance

Your service, repairs and maintenance are in safe hands with us.

You can rely on us to carry out servicing, repairs and maintenance on your vehicle from start to finish. Together with our dealer level diagnostics, we provide top class repairs, using only genuine parts with a 2 Year Warranty to ensure your vehicle’s manufacturer’s warranty is maintained.

If you own a Volkswagen or one of the Volkswagen family of vehicles, and whether it’s a niggling performance issue, or something more complex, Dan’s your man!

You’ll always find a listening ear when you visit VAG Doctor LTD, you’ll get a tailored service that exactly suits your requirements. As well as a focus on fault finding diagnostics, we also offer regular vehicle servicing and repairs.

Our service, repairs and maintenance menu includes

  • Major and minor servicing
  • Brakes maintenance
  • Engine maintenance
  • Air conditioning service and repair
  • Airbag faults and repairs

My promise to you:

VAG Doctor LTD offers fair and reasonable pricing as well as outstanding customer service. We strive for a 100% First Time Fix rate meaning your confidence in your vehicle is restored first time, every time.



What our customers say

Here at VAG Doctor LTD Dan prides himself on a 5 star customer service taking great care and attention to listen to what his customers require.  Dan always delivers above and beyond what is expected to ensure VAG Doctor LTD’s customers have a great experience and become members of the VAG Doctor LTD Fan Club!

Here are some of the consistently 5 star reviews given to VAG Doctor LTD on Facebook.

Awesome service from start to finish. Dan kept in touch throughout working on my vehicle at every step and used top quality parts, sent photos of every issue found while working,  with a reasonable price to fix. Pricing and quality of service was everything i could ask for, willing to go the extra mile. Thanks guys my T5.1 and Audi A4 will be going here in the future.

> David

Where to start!  Messaged Vag Doctor Ltd to say I had an issue with my Golf Mk5 TDI. Dan was happy to help and take a look.  I arranged to drop it off out of hours which was great of him – not many others would do that. He kept me up to date from start to finish on what was going on with my car. Not only did he offer a great service,  I am very happy with the work done and the service he provided. I would recommend his service to anyone as his work is top notch – no messing around. Thanks again mate.

> Thor


My VW Golf MK 5 had some niggling performance issues and things that needed finished off. Dan tackled and resolved them all with enthusiasm even though some of them were probably a real pain. His expertise and knowledge are amazing and very reassuring (especially when he sent a video of underneath my car…) All prices were more than fair and the cups of tea welcome. I will definitely be back and cannot recommend him highly enough.

> Lee


Took my T5 2.5TDi to Dan last week, within 3 hours of leaving the vehicle, I was contacted by Dan to say he had identified the intermittent fault (misfire and lumpy tick-over) He replaced the In Tank Fuel Pump and hey ho – sorted. Can’t recommend Dan’s expertise enough. 10/10 5 STAR.

> Paul

If you’ve a VW, Audi Seat, Skoda (or any make and model of car) this man will do you proud. Dan has just undersealed and wax oiled my VW T4 and what a job he has made of it. He is polite and friendly, will always explain what he is doing, quotes and sticks to a fair price, and all with a smile and a blether. I’ll be back here in future – I just wish there were more like him. Thanks Dan!

> Neil

Very pleased with the service provided from Dan. Fitted pads and discs all round also gave my A4 a major service and i had the car back the same day! The result of the work done is outstanding, Thank you. I will be back!

> Shaun


My van had a broken cam belt with the run up to Christmas and without my van I have no business. Dan had customers booked in yet he worked until 1:30 in the morning to give me a good chance of starting the new year ahead of what could of been a disaster to 2018. This is going above and beyond any customer service I have ever received or even heard of. If you need any work done to your car or van then please give Daniel a call.

> Greg

Very pleased with the service provided from Dan. Fitted pads and discs all round also gave my A4 a major service and I had the car back the same day! The result of the work done is outstanding, Thank you. I will be back!

> Ben